Meet The Horn Section

Leroy Irwin-Saxophone

Leroy Irwin

Hello, Most people just call me Lee.

First of all I would like to express how fortunate and appreciative I am to be playing sax with the fine musicians of “The Jazz Alley Review”. As for me, I grew up and went to school in the San Joaquin Valley. My first attempt at playing a musical instrument was when I was eight years old. My parents had a Dizzy Gillespie album and an Al Hurt album I would listen to a lot so you guessed it I wanted to play the trumpet. My parents managed to rent me a new trumpet and I tried my hardest to sound like those albums I was listening to, needless to say I failed miserably with that trumpet. That same year the elementary school I went to started doing what they called hearing tests. I went through all the tests without a lot of interest, hell I was only eight years old. My parents got a letter from the school suggesting that they not enroll me in any musical programs, they said that from the results of the test I did not have an aptitude for music. Not much more happen for me musically after that except for listening to my favorite bands. I was a child of the sixties so I will leave it up to your imagination which groups I listened to. Then came Jr. High School and we were given electives and one of the electives was Beginning Band. I really didn’t know what I wanted to play I just knew I wanted to play something. As fate would have it by the time I got to choose the instrument I would play, my first chooses where all taken. What was left of the school instruments was the Baritone Saxophone. It turned out that I loved playing that sax. I remember driving my brother crazy playing scales. I got good enough to play in the school jazz band that same year. Since then I have had the good fortune to have studied music at some very fine music schools both on the West and East coasts and to have had the opportunity to have played with many fine bands and players. I am thankful to have found my passion early in life. Music is a very powerful medium and I hope my music lifts you and heals you in some way. 

Kent Anderson-Valve Trombone

Kent Anderson

Hi I'm Kent.

 I began playing at age 12 on the baritone horn. After a couple of years I picked up a valve trombone and I'm still blowing one 58 years later -- with a break or two along the way while pursuing a career as a research and consulting economist. Now retired, I try to practice every day – to keep from getting worse he says. I'm currently a regular with three local big bands, including the "Cuesta aggregation". I also play in "Jazz on the Vine", a nine-piece outfit based appropriately in Paso Robles California, also I'm one half of "The Jazz Quintet Minus Three" (two horns and computer generated rhythm section). 

Joe Mongomery-Trumpet


How you Doin' I'm Joe.

I grew up in Hollywood, California. I Started playing the horn in grammar school. After graduating Hollywood High I went on the road touring the lower 48 states with a top 40 band out of Los Angeles. I played regularly with the Joe Rio's Big Latin Band at Disneyland as well as with award winning film musical scorer Danny Elfman's group Oingo Boingo. I left the music business to pursue a career in the motion picture business. As director of Photography I worked on a variety of challenging film projects. These included 13 feature films, numerous National Geographic Explorer series programs such as discovering Inca mummies in the Andes Mountains at 19,000 feet, and working as the White House cameraman during President Reagan's trip to Europe in 1984. Other assignments included working with Blake Edwards (Pink Panther) on Bruce Willis' first feature film and Arnold Schwarzegegger's first and probably last film directing attempt. I am a man of many interests. I'm an avid cyclist, sailor, vintage car collector, and novice wine maker. I also play with the jazz group "Jazz On The Vine" and the classical music group "The Trumpet Alliance". I live with my wife, Molly, on our small vineyard in San Luis Obispo. 

Meet The Rhythm Section

Becky McClaflin-Keyboard



Hi everyone!

I grew up on our family farm in South Dakota and was lucky to have a piano in our home, which I started playing when I was 4 years old.  Flute lessons and band started in 3rd grade and continued through college but eventually piano won out as my major instrument.  I added pipe organ to the mix and still play both piano and organ today and regularly threaten to pick up flute again!

While classically trained, I am a lover of all genres of music and particularly jazz these days.  Some of the best times, past and present, are collaborating with others to make music.  I’ve performed with a variety of groups in the midwest and found some great opportunities here in California too, where I’ve lived the last 6 years with my husband, Rick.  

Here on the Central Coast, I’ve performed as part of the ensemble with The Lompoc Pops and The Opera San Luis Obispo Grand Orchestra.  I’m also a member of the Riptide Big Band, based in Santa Maria and the Trilogy Trio, based in Nipomo.  The Jazz Alley Review is another chance to make music — we hope you enjoy!!  

Travis Harms-Bass

Travis Harms

Rob Price-Drums


Taylor Hatch-Guitar